Brand Your Business for the Digital Age

Brandmelder is here to help you brand your business for the digital age. Founded in Toronto, Brandmelder believes that innovation and technology are at the forefront Brand Your Business for the Digital Age in changing the perception and behaviour of your audience. Our focus is to help you identify which platforms, technology and social networks are best suited to connect you with your customers, while always retaining the human touch behind your brand. We offer comprehensive digital services, from mobile-ready website design to social media integration, planning and execution, to help you realize your ambitions.

Our focus is on Mobile + Social + Digital + Branding

Let Brandmelder help your company find solutions that connect technology with the human purpose of your brand.


Brandmelder054xJoachim Ravoth

Co-Founder and President

Joachim has had his fingerprints on a lot of great work. He’s helped shape integrated marketing campaigns on the agency side of the business. And he’s sharpened the positioning and strategy needed to give birth to successful campaigns while on the client side of the business.

This dual perspective gives Joachim a tremendous advantage in managing business, the client’s expectations and the delicate nuances between team and client.

Joachim has honed these skills at some of the leading agencies in Canada. At Lowe Roche he helmed the IKEA business worked on the Mercedes Benz, 3Com and H&M accounts while at Taxi he was part of the team responsible for the memorable Mini Cooper campaign.

On the client side, Joachim has been working for KIA Europe, Chrysler, Daewoo and as Marketing Manager North America for IPEX, Senior Marketing Manager for and was Director of Marketing at the Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation during its $50 million fundraising campaign.