Social Media Strategy

Brandmelder can design a customized social media strategy focused on the right content in the right context so your audience finds you. 

Social Media Strategy

Strategic Social Media Communications

Digital technology has ushered in an abundance of social media platforms available to users 24/7 around the world. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others have gone from unknown to everyday names.

How can you take advantage of the power and reach of these platforms without spending a fortune or having a social media misstep?

At Brandmelder, we believe social media is a cultural phenomenon as well as a technological breakthrough. We develop social media strategies focused on the needs of your audience, not just what’s new and shiny. We pay special attention to how and why your customers engage with your brand, and the role word-of-mouth plays. We facilitate your connection with them, energizing your brand and breathing life into your social communities.

Social Media Services offered by Brandmelder

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